Caliente has, since its creation, always wanted to be more than a "just another" restaurant for its customers. My vision for Caliente was to make it a place that connected to the community on more than one level. We serve great tasting food; always have, always will. But for Caliente to find its way deep into the hearts of our customers, we knew that just serving great food wouldn't be enough. 

Caliente has five company values: Accountability, Fun, Loyalty, Integrity and Pride. All of these values lend the Caliente team (and me) the opportunity to make Caliente more personal than the average restaurant.  We are always looking for ways to take things a step further. Our first idea was to host live music on the deck. Next, we thought Cinco de Mayo was far too much fun to celebrate only once per year! So we created Cinco de Noviembre to have another day to party at Caliente. From that was born our love for mustaches and Mustache Madness. 

All of these things have been our way of making Caliente a fun place to be. Combine that with the fact that our staff is the friendliest group of employees in all of Hattiesburg, and you see why the experience at Caliente has always been different from the rest. We want to host and create events that make coming to Caliente fun and that give our customers the opportunity to make Caliente a part of their lives and good memories. We hope you find Caliente a not only a fun place to eat, but also a place hang and enjoy your life.

This evening Caliente will host #VivaHaha, presented by Hub City Comedy. This local comedy troupe will be helping make the Caliente customer experience a fun one tonight. The show starts at 8:00p and is for a mature audience only. Come spend a FUN Thursday night with us!!

First off, welcome to the new! Its been a long time coming. Building this site has been a cool experience, and I wanted to make sure it was something that was as alive and changing as the restaurant itself. Finally, someone way smarter than me has made it possible for a person with the internet aptitude of a dunce to actually build a decent looking site and blog. I hope you like what I've done.

This site will be update as much as I can stand it. It should keep you well informed about the goings on at Caliente. 

This blog is something I have thought about doing for quite some time now, and have finally dove head first into the deep end. 

I will be posting about twice a month with two main topics. The first will be about the ever so glamorous life of an entrepreneur and restaurateur. You can expect a "peek behind the curtain" of what its actually like to own a restaurant and deal with the swells and swoons of owning a business.

The second topic will be "food-centric" in nature. I hope to show you some interesting things about how approach food preparation and receipe development at Caliente Grille. I also will be plugging you into some cool and interesting things I decide to eat and cook on my own.

Feel free to comment on how bad my writing is, how you perceived things to be different, or just make fun of something I tell you about.

Last, thanks to all of Caliente's friends and fans. Its awesome to have people like you all supporting us. 


    Owner/Founder of Caliente Grille, Charles Arinder.

    I consider myself just a normal guy who started a restaurant right out of college. I try to shoot it straight and tell you the real story of entrepreneurship, food, learning on the fly, and the oh so glamorous life of a restaurateur. 


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