I've been getting my hair cut by the same guy since 2003 and Greg Trigg at The Gallery has always cut my hair perfectly.  Every time I show up with no real idea as to what I want it to look like exactly, but he also gets it just right.  And when I leave I always have a renewed self confidence.  Its funny how that's all it takes sometimes.  A fresh haircut.  A new shirt.  Or that pair of shoes you've wanted for a long time.  The tiniest things can make the biggest difference to how you feel about yourself.

Caliente for the longest time was in need of a new "haircut".  We are approaching our 6 year anniversary at Caliente and we havent changed a whole lot about the aesthetics of our location.  And just like having the same ole hair do for 6 years, we were in desperate need of a new do.

At the end of last year we put down a new floor.  That small change has created a totally new look for the entire restaurant.  And with the new floor came a new sense of confidence as a team.  The Caliente team has heard me say many times before that I want the entire customer experience to be excellent.  For a little while, we were unable to make the needed changes to keep the restaurant decor up to the standards we want for our Caliente customers.  But we have made a first step... and it feels pretty good.  

Please understand that we hope all you guys know how much we want to make Caliente special for you.  While we can't change the aesthetics as often as we would like, we hope you know that we want to focus on you as individual customers and make you love Caliente more every time you visit.  Here's to many more future changes at Caliente
12/15/2020 08:20:30 pm

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